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How do I insert my Wooclap questions into Ubicast ?
How do I insert my Wooclap questions into Ubicast ?

Want to give your course or presentation a little boost in interactivity? Learn how to insert your Wooclap questions into an Ubicast video!

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Ubicast is a web based video platform that facilitates the creation and sharing of pedagogical content. Just like Wooclap, Ubicast can be used on all kinds of devices for asynchronous study and real-time classes. Why not try and combine both tools?

Know that it is necessary to have already created content on Ubicast to insert Wooclap questions!

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3 different means for one goal

There are three different ways to insert your Wooclap questions into an Ubicast video. For each of them you can choose to insert either questions from a vote (real-time) or from a questionnaire (asynchronous). Depending on your choice, you will find the link you’ll need to insert in Ubicast at a different place in your Wooclap’s interface.

  • For a real-time question : copy the direct link from the question itself.

  • For an asynchronous questionnaire : copy the link of the questionnaire

1. Paste your Wooclap question in the comments of the video

The easiest way is to copy-paste the Wooclap link in a new comment (see the lower right corner). Simply choose at what time of the video you want the comment to appear, paste your link and that’s it.

2. Create a new activity

Create a new activity in your Ubicast, by clicking on the “+” button , right next to the Comments button. Choose “Activity” and set up the following settings :

  • Choose a name

  • Check the “URL Wikipedia” option and insert your link there!

  • Select at what time must the activity appear in the video

  • Select its position

  • Check the “Pauses playback” option

Click on submit and there you go, your activity is directly added to the video!

3. Create a widget

Before creating the widget on Ubicast, go back to Wooclap and instead of the direct link copy the iframe code (embed) this time. For an asynchronous question, you must first open your Questionnaire to go get the iframe code by clicking on the question itself.

Back on Ubicast you can now create your widget. Click on Edit and go to the Widget tab. Add a new widget, name it and insert the iframe code in the “Embed code” field. Do not forget to save your changes before leaving.

A new Wooclap tab appears and allows to login to one’s account directly from the Ubicast interface and join the course using the event’s code.

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