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How to embed real-time Wooclap questions into my Genially?
How to embed real-time Wooclap questions into my Genially?

Learn how to insert your Wooclap questions into your Genially to make your presentations even more interactive!

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Genially is a free online tool that brings content to life and allows you to create all kinds of visual presentations, quizzes and computer graphics. You can now also insert your Wooclap questions. Nothing could be easier, just follow the guide!

Note that you need to have a content already created on Genially to insert some Wooclap questions!

To create your Genially, click here.

1. Copy the iframe code of your Wooclap question

Which code?! Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you.

Once your Genially content is created or in the process of being created, the very first thing to do is to go back to your Wooclap event dashboard where you have some questions you want to import into your Genially.

Are you there yet? Perfect.

  • Choose the first question you want to import into your Genially

  • Move your mouse over and/or click on the 3 dots on the right of the question

  • Click Copy iFrame code (embed)

(Be careful, do not copy the direct link but the iFrame code).

Your Wooclap question code is now copied.

2. Paste the code into your Genially

Now go back to your Genially.

Once you are on your Genially dashboard, you can now:

  • Click Insert, in your left menu bar

  • Choose the category </> Others in the top right

  • Paste your questionnaire iFrame code that you copied earlier in Wooclap.

  • You can click on Insert below this code in order to embed your question within your Genially

  • Once you have inserted your question, note that you can resize it as you wish by clicking on one of the four corners of the question. This is important to make your entire question and potential answers appear!

You can repeat these steps as many times as you have Wooclap questions to import into Genially.

The language of the Wooclap iFrame matches the one on your Wooclap account. You can modify it by going to the Settings of your account.

Congrats! You can now captivate your participants with beautiful Wooclap questions inserted within your Genially.

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