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How to display the participants’ names live?

You can choose whether to display the participants' usernames live or not

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About this setting

The participants' usernames are not displayed in real-time by default. We do this to encourage participation and offer students a comfortable experience. However, you can choose to display their usernames during a live session for brainstorming, open questions, Word Cloud and the message wall.

For open questions and the Word Cloud, the usernames will only be visible if the results are displayed as a list. They won't be visible in word clouds or the “grid” display of the results.

The message wall works similarly: it will only show the author's username in the normal display of the messages, not the “grid” display.

Lastly, in a brainstorming question, the participant's name will be visible on all types of display. (by category or by grid)

How it works

  1. Start by opening your event's settings.

2. Activate the authentication or the participant username

3. Then, go to More settings.

4. Among the Extra settings, you'll find Display participant usernames in real-time (only for brainstorming, message wall and open questions). Use the toggle to turn it on.

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