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The Audio/Video feature allows you to add online or personal audio and video files to your presentation and questionnaires.

In participant pace questionnaires, these videos will automatically be played on the students' devices. For real-time interactions, you can choose whether or not to display a video on the students' devices.

It is not yet possible to insert questions into an audio or video file. For the time being, you must play the video (or part of it) and switch to another question.

How does it work?

To add a video or audio to your event, start by selecting "Audio/Video" among your interactions.

If it's an online video, simply fill in its url. Otherwise, upload the mp3/4 file by selecting it in your computer's files.
If this video is a real-time interaction, you can choose whether or not to display it on the students' devices by using the setting on the right side of the interface.

That's it! Once you reach the video in your presentation, it will start automatically. It's that simple.

If you're wondering how to insert this into a presentation, have a look at this tutorial.

YouTube video not available

Some YouTube videos cannot be displayed on Wooclap (or on other media). Their settings do not allow them to be played outside of YouTube.

In this case, you need to choose a YouTube video that allows it, or download the unavailable video directly to your device so that you can add it to your Wooclap event yourself.

Find out how to troubleshoot problems playing YouTube videos.

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