You can only change your account's email address if you signed up on Wooclap using that email address and a password. In other words, you can't change the email address if:

  • you signed up through facebook, linkedin, Google, Microsoft Teams, or your school's SSO or LMS;

  • you use different login methods to access your Wooclap account. If, for example, you use your email address and a password and you connect to that same account through Google, facebook, etc., that account's email address can't be changed.

How to proceed

Start off by using your password to log in to your Wooclap account. Then, go to the account settings and fill in the required fields (i.e. the new email address and confirmation of the new email address or the current password and the new one).

In case of a change of email address, you will then receive a verification email to confirm this change.

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