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Can Wooclap be used for distance learning?
Can Wooclap be used for distance learning?

Can I use Wooclap to give a remote lecture? Can students participate from home?

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Many of Wooclap's features can be used in a variety of way, including in a distance learning setting. Whether you're giving live lectures or giving students tasks to complete on their own, Wooclap is here to support you in your teaching activities.

Live distance learning

  • How to use Wooclap for live distance learning: watch video

  • Wooclap and YouTube Live: how a French teacher ran an interactive, distant, and live study session for 6,500 medical school students. Find out more!

Asynchronous distance learning

  • Wooclap for ASYNCHRONOUS Distance Learning: Watch video

  • Wooclap launches Wooflash: a distance learning platform! Find out more here.

For more information on Wooclap's various distance learning offers, click here!

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