Step 1: Create an event
Once you've logged in, click on "Create event".
Name your new event and customise its code (optional). That code is the one participants will have to connect to.

Step 2: Create the question

  • In the "Votes" tab, select the type of question you would like to ask the audience (e.g. a Multiple choice question).
  • Fill in the required fields (e.g. the question and the possible answers) and click on "Save".

Step 3: Invite the audience and ask the question
You will find your question underneath "O. How to participate?". Click "Start" to show the audience how to connect to your event.

Check the counter in the bottom right corner to see if everyone is connected. Use the right arrow to display the first question, which the audience will then be able to answer in real-time. Use that same arrow to move from one question to the next.

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