Step 1: Export your Moodle questions in Moodle XML format. 

Step 2: Go to your Wooclap homepage and click on "Import an event". 

Step 3: Select "From Moodle" and add the Moodle XML format file you want to import. 

Step 4: As the import can take some time, you will receive an email and a notification on Wooclap once the import is complete. 


  • You can still create content on Wooclap while the import is in progress. 
  • Email: We will also inform you of the status of your imported questions.  

Step 5: Once the import is finished, a new Wooclap event containing your Moodle questions is created,
i.e.: Quiz Moodle 

For further information on how to export your Moodle questions, click here:

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