An oral explanation is not enough, you need to draw, illustrate, improvise…? Say hello to the Whiteboard.

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The Whiteboard makes it possible to illustrate your words in real-time, just as if you were writing on your school’s blackboard.

Ideal for both exact sciences and social sciences, it also comes in handy for your business meetings. With this feature you can either write a mathematical demonstration, quickly draw a graph or organise ideas during a debate.

How does it work

Step 1: open the Whiteboard

Click on Whiteboard in the list of available Wooclap question types to start creating your whiteboard. After giving a name to your Whiteboard, you can either click on Save if you’d like to keep editing your Wooclap event or on Start now to launch your Whiteboard directly.

Step 2: make use of the Whiteboard

You can either work on it in real-time during your presentation or prepare your work in advance.

For now, the different options available allow you to:

If the option Collaboration has been activated in the settings of the question, participants will be able to send sticky notes that will appear directly on the Whiteboard.


The Whiteboard is still in beta. This version is intended to be progressively improved over time. Your feedback and experience with this feature are more than welcome as they help us improve it and stay close to our user’s needs, your needs!

Your opinion

Do you wish to share your experience of the Whiteboard with us? Do you have a specific use case that is not supported by Wooclap’s Whiteboard?

We are always happy to receive your feedback, it helps us a great deal to improve our different features. To share feedback, write to us at info@wooclap.com or contact us directly in our chat!

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